Sunday, October 21, 2007

PC vs. Mac: It's a tie you both lose

PC vs. Mac - South Park Mashup

No one's perfect. I've shaken my fist at both in the past. This cute video points out the deficiencies each like to point out about the other.

The "I'm a Mac and I'm a PC" advertisements (which are great) just scream to be parodied - perhaps intentionally? :P


Ayysita said...

Haha I really liked how you put a video in your page.
I use to be PC person, but changed my religion to MAC two years ago. I've had the same laptop since ( iBookG4) and it's been very good to me. It still is a hard transition to work around it , but I bought knowing the differences between Apples and Oranges ( PC) would be difficult, but I am proud to say I have become very familar ( thanks to my macs for dummies). However, the only negative aspect about Mac is how they update their equipment more frequently than others, making me look like an old fart when I carry around my IbookG4 around the library and everyone else has the new ballin' Macbooks with cameras and this and that and i dont what. With PCs, I feel you can have for a longer time ( depends on viruses,etc.) because they don't create an updated version of their new computers quite as often as Mac.

Megan said...

PCs can last you, but like anything else you need to take care of them. Macs aren't innocent - I see them come into the helpdesk to be worked on just like PCs, however the difference is when something goes wrong with Mac it's always a hardware malfunction. Make sure you buy the AppleCare and then you'll be set.