Monday, October 15, 2007

Tech News: Mac OS X Leopard is why I waited to get a Mac this semester

I've had it with you, Vista. I see enough of of your "better security features" at work.

For my colleauges and my boyfriend, they've heard nothing but "I want a Mac" from me for the past few months; I've even dubbed my change jar "Megan's Laptop Fund". As I'm graduating soon, I want to hook myself up with a new laptop - preferably a MacBook. :) I wanted to get one this summer but my mom suggested I wait and wait and wait.....

And then the Universe tells me why:

The Flack (with good analysis about this release vs. previous Apple release extravaganzas) reports on the newest Mac OS X version: Leopard - which will replace Tiger this month . Check out the link to take a tour of the newest changes. Overall it's nothing crazy new but there's a few smaller cool features: it seems that they sought to tweak the desktop appearance and re-work the search functions. Time Machine is perfect for creating a backup drive on an external hard drive. For those who use Mac Mail, if you're nerdy or girly or both you'll surely enjoy the new stationary features - I like the dragging and dropping of images.

I think the two new features I will use the most will be Spaces, because it's annoying to have a lot of desktop clutter with a bunch of crap open and running. But even better, I like the idea of Stacking, since I often find my desktop cluttered with files I've downloaded which makes me have to organize them all eventually.

The Bottom Line: yay! I'm sure my mother will now feel vindicated. Honestly, I probably would've kicked myself had I just bought a Mac only to see Leopard coming out within the month. However, the Apple site (as far as I've checked today) has not announced when their computers will be shipped with Leopard, so I will hold tight until then (no press release yet). Expect a review when I finally make my PC to Mac conversion.


Mattie said...

Just FYI If you were to buy a mac say, Today, you would get a free upgrade to Leopard ($10 shipping). Anyone who buys a mac after 10/01/2007 will get the free leopard upgrade and of course Macs will start shipping pre-installed with Leopard on the 26th (if not sooner).

Megan said...

Thank you for providing some concrete information. I searched for actual dates but I couldn't find any. I appreciate it! :)